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The unfortunate fate of Jarpskjóni

It can be taken from many writings from former times that the Icelanders were tough on their workhorses. Often, they dealt ruthlessly with them. The fact that sweeping judgements do not always meet reality is shown in the following report from 1889.

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Stígandi frá Kolkuósi

Who does not remember Stígandi frá Kokuósi, one of Heidi Schwörer’s foundation stallions? He certainly is remembered as an exceptional stallion for his extraordinary breeding qualities and his beautiful offspring. It is relatively unknown that Stígandi was not always seen in this light.

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A language talented Icelandic Sheepdog in Copenhagen

With HestaSaga there are always surprises: Today we have a story from a special Iceland dog for you!

An Icelandic Sheepdog who travels with his owner from Reykjavík to Copenhagen in 1870 and experiences an adventure there – and his owner a surprise!

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