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The moment when new life comes into this world is always a small miracle, no matter if it is a human being or an animal. The first cry of an infant or the attempt of the just born foal to get on its long, wobbly legs are magic moments. Everybody who has experienced these moments keeps unforgettable pictures in their head, some, like me, even a whole story.

To have my mare Lukka mated was an old, always rejected dream of my husband, although he has very little to do with horses in everyday life. Nevertheless, he always came back with the idea of breeding a foal and was excited by the idea of seeing it grow up like an additional family member.

I looked at the whole thing more soberly: time, costs – and all this, of course, without any guarantee that the sweet foal will one day become the dream horse. I asserted myself for a long time and the subject was forgotten more and more until my mother fell seriously ill.

My husband, probably to comfort me, brought up the old subject again and I got involved. The choice of the stallion and the realization of our project distracted me and beautiful pictures on the pasture managed to scare away sad thoughts again and again.

But when my mother died very quickly after a cruel diagnosis, I sank into deep sadness and also the joy of the little foal that was to be born next summer did not want to adjust at first.

But slowly I was able to let go and was finally feverishly awaiting the day of the arrival of the foal. I was convinced that this could only be June 27th – my mother’s birthday (and “by the way” also my wedding day) – and I told everyone who wanted to hear it or not.

When I finally went out on the pasture very early that day – on 27 June 2011 – a small being just tried to get on her little legs! There they stood in the morning sun – my Lukka and her little daughter, who looked exactly alike.

An indescribable feeling of happiness flowed through me in this magic moment, which for me is a wonderful example of the cycle of life. In the meantime, Ylfa has grown into a big, strong mare. She is beautiful, friendly, docile and curious about life – she is our second dream horse!

On May 1st 2018, Ylfas half-sister Lóla was born. Her dad is Teigur vom Kronshof. She is also beautiful – just like her mum and her big sister!

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