My first own Icelandic horse

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a beloved horse. A young reader shares this bad experience and the beautiful moments before with HestaSaga.

Everything started on 30 October 2014.

On this day, my father fulfilled my dearest wish: an Icelandic horse of my own! With my only fifteen years of age it was a great responsibility to keep, groom and ride my own horse, but it was also the greatest happiness I could imagine.

Patti moved in with me with a history. He had had tendon damage since 2013 and was considered unridable. He came to me to the island of Amrum, recovered, and I slowly started to train him again.

This included rides only walking almost daily. After many weeks we were allowed to trot together for the first time, after several more weeks we were even allowed to gallop and tölt.

It was very special for me with him. But it was not always easy for me, because he had a lot of temperament. In the beginning he often bolted or even ran me over – he often simply did not accept me!

But I did not give up and tried everything to find a way we could go together. I started to teach him circus lessons, such as Spanish salute/step, compliment, head shaking and much more.

We both enjoyed that very much. We grew together and I didn’t want another horse. We even rode a tournament together, which was unimaginable.

Then, at the height of our friendship, something terrible happened. When I went out to feed that evening, Patti was on the floor sweating. My alarms told me “colic.”

I tried not to lose my temper and immediately called the vet. Patti was treated and the colic seemed to be over. But a few hours later, in the middle of the night, he started rolling again.

I fought with him, did everything possible to keep him alive. But unfortunately, he wasn’t strong enough.

I pressed my head against his, whispered in his ear:

“I will not forget you, my king”,

and said goodbye to my beloved horse, who had been my best friend and my everything, with tears in my eyes. He was a legend to me. He taught me more than any riding instructor could have. I will never forget the night my best friend passed away.

This is to tell you how quickly it can be over.

Enjoy every moment you can with your loved ones!


Father:Ívan frá Hæringsstöðum
Ff.:Otur frá Sauðárkróki
Fm.:Emma frá Bakka
Mother:  Una de Bourbon
Mf.:Háttur frá Kirkjubæ
Mm.:Quaty de Bourbon

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