This story for the WRITING COMPETITION is absolutely worthy of an award: wonderfully written, beautifully designed and illustrated – congratulations Nika!

The author Nika Wahl with Keilir vom Heesberg. Photo/Carola Wahl

The following story is written by the only eight years young Nika Wahl, who also illustrated it with great, self-painted pictures. Nika is an enthusiastic Icelandic horse rider herself. She started by helping her grandfather in the stable, then she did some classes on the lunge and for over a year now she has been riding the horse Keilir all by herself. In the future she would like to compete in tournaments with him.
But also her writing and painting are absolutely promising!
We keep our fingers crossed for her!


It’s the holidays. Lulu has been playing with her horse puppets for days and tomorrow is her birthday. She can’t sleep at all because she’s so excited.
Lulu is wondering what she’s gonna get. The next morning, Lulu got up and went into the living room. It was all dark.

But suddenly, Lulu heard a voice and the light went on. Then her family sang a song and Lulu opened her presents.

The birthday child “Lulu” is happy about the great presents. Picture/Nika Wahl

She got a jumping rope and a T-shirt with a horse on it. She also got a pair of breeches.

Lulu wondered: breeches? What did I need them for?

But there was another letter. She unwrapped the letter.
It said:

Hello Lulu,
I’ve heard that you like to play with your horse puppets. Therefore, you can stay with your parents on our pony farm for one week in an apartment!
Your pony farm!

Lulu said: “Great!”. They left right after that. They passed fields and sheep pastures. And when they were almost there, Lulu even saw a pony meadow. And then they were finally there.

Pancakes with apple sauce. Picture/Nika Wahl

Only a short time later the dog Luna barked at her. A woman led her into her apartment, where a lot of pony pictures were hanging on the walls.

In the evening they ate pancakes with apple sauce. The next day they had breakfast. They had rolls with jam. Then Lulu ran with her parents to the stable.

There were sooo many horses. She found ELMO the sweetest. Then, she was allowed to lead Elmo out of the box with her riding teacher.

Elmo was very well-behaved. Together, they went to the cleaning place. First, Lulu cleaned the pony. Then Silke – her riding instructor – put on the saddle and the bridle.

Elmo, Choco, Lino and Cookie in their boxes. Picture/Nika Wahl

And finally, finally Lulu was allowed to ride for the first time! It felt so high, but also so HEAVENLY.

Elmo was the sweetest pony of the group, only sometimes he just stuck his nose in the grass when he should have been walking on. From that day on Lulu always went riding and on the last day of the holiday Lulu was even allowed to go out for a ride.

Lulu already knows what she wants for her next birthday!

Nika Wahl, 8 years old

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