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Book Tip – Pétur Behrens-Hestar

Flying pace feels like flying over the clouds in a jet.
Hrannar frá Höskuldsstöðum in the flying pace. Picture/Pétur Behrens, page 31

This book, which was published in 2016, was a real discovery for me. I enjoyed browsing from page to page and looking at horses and landscapes – adapted to the weather, the surroundings or the motif – in bright colours or dreary black and white.

Autumn downturn. The highlands are searched for sheep.
Gouache. Picture/Pétur Behrens, page 117

In addition, it fits fantastically to the basic idea of HestaSaga, because I think it expresses the uniqueness of the Icelandic horse with its beautiful pictures in a very special way.

Flying pace
Acrylic on canvas. Picture/Pétur Behrens, page 109

The most elegant and popular gait of the Icelandic horse in a tölt study.
Photo/ Pétur Behrens, page 203

Peaceful evening atmosphere on the stallion pasture near Hrannar
Photo/Pétur Behrens, page 103

Two friends together seek protection from wind and weather
Photo/Pétur Behrens, page 105

The author Pétur Behrens who grew up in Hamburg and studied art there is not “only” an artist but also a horse man through and through and this is exactly what you can feel in his pictures.

Already as a teenager he got to know the Icelandic horse and during his studies he travelled to the island for the first time. Iceland became the centre of his life just a few years after this first encounter. There, he worked as a breeder and rider.

One learns in the blurb that horses have always fascinated him as motifs in painting and drawing. His manifold works which have been created over the decades and are not depicted chronologically in the book prove that he has gained an intensive access to them through daily contact that has sharpened his view of their appearance and sensitized him to their essence.

Rehearsing Tölt is not only fun under the saddle! Lithography (detail) photo/Pétur Behrens. Page 145

The studies on flying pace are just as interesting!
Picture/Pétur Behrens, page 67

His pictures testify to a deep understanding of the anatomy, movement and psyche of the horse that can only be acquired if one has the opportunity to experience and study the animals in daily contact.

Stallion fight.
Acrylic on canvas. Picture/Pétur Behrens, page 137

Pétur Behrens shows us horses in their different habitats and moods, in their relationship to each other and to humans. In addition, he also creates motifs from the sagas. The landscape and weather conditions in which they move are brought to life by the impressive use of colour.

A longer look at this picture is worth it! You’ll be surprised how many horses you discover!
Acrylic. Picture/ Pétur Behrens, page 63

Harmony and beauty united. Watercolour and pen
Picture/Pétur Behrens, page 59

Each picture speaks for itself, but for those who want more information, each is accompanied by a short text in Icelandic, German and English.

Exhausted stallion complains to his master
soft pencil, watercolour, reed pen and black ink Bild/Pétur Behrens, page 187

It is simply a pleasure to look at Pétur Behrens’ paintings. Many of them touched me because they seem to shine into the soul of the animals.


105 works of art with short descriptions and texts in three languages.
A unique picture book and absolutely recommendable.

TITLE: Hestar
AUTHOR:  Pétur Behrens
PUBLISHER: ©Pétur Behrens 2016
LANGUAGE: Icelandic, German, English
ISBN: 978-9935-9257-8-7


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