On a cross-country horse-search

The search for a beautiful horse is often connected with human encounters that you will never forget throughout your life.

Kristín remembers:

Heidi and I have visited Landsmót together many times, but not only that. When looking for a horse for the breeding at home or for friends in Germany she needed an interpreter.

In this job, I had already proven myself on tournaments and when she asked me if I would also help her with translating when buying a horse, I immediately agreed. So it happened that we sometimes drove across the country to sometimes quite remote farms.

On the tours, the horse was always the centre of attention, of course, but actually, it was much more than that:

I remember how happy I was every time I was able to show you a little bit of my country. I just loved being on the road with someone who was as fascinated by the landscape, the horses, the friendliness and helpfulness of my fellow countrymen as I was. And we always laughed so much!

Heidi can only confirm that. “Remember when we went up north when I couldn’t find anything suitable on the Landsmót? I didn’t want to go back to Germany without a horse because this time I wasn’t looking for myself but for friends who I didn’t want to disappoint.

But luckily you always had an idea! A friend gave you a secret tip: A farmer on some remote farm wanted to reduce his stock for reasons of age and supposedly there should be good horses – not so expensive.

And do I remember, because we almost returned from this trip without success! After we finally found the farm after a long journey and some searching, the first thing that caught our eye was the large herd of horses of different ages and in all colours:

Beautiful animals, if you cannot find anything there, it would be really astonishing! Just the old farmer alone who came to meet us seemed to be worth the trip. With his weather-beaten face and dressed as if he had come from an Icelandic saga, he came towards us. He smiled at us in a friendly way, exposing his toothless mouth.

I remember how immediately a torrent of words came down on us and what a funny face you made, Heidi smiles. Of course I didn’t know exactly what was going on, but you made such a funny face and then quickly explained it to me:

Not only me, no, you as a native speaker didn’t understand a word of the gibberish of the toothless old man either! Well, now good advice was expensive, but of course there was a solution again, after all, we were a well-rehearsed team by now.

“I was very relieved when, miraculously, you conjured up this young man from the neighborhood who not only knew the old man, but could understand him.

First he “translated” for you and then you could explain everything to me in German, Heidi remembers. “Without his help, I couldn’t have chosen the lovely brown pinto.” So this horse purchase with obstacles was also successful in the end and on top of that a funny experience we both remember with pleasure.

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