A courageous decision saves from financial losses and leads to the realization of a dream.

Hrefna María’s mother Rósa Valdimarsdóttir is the proud owner of the stallion Íkon frá Hákoti (F: Töfri frá Kjartansstöðum), with whom she competes successfully at many shows and who is of course the best horse in the world for her.

Since Rósa is sooo enthusiastic about her stallion, she absolutely wanted to buy another offspring from him. Her daughter and her niece Sara Ástþórsdóttir did not understand her, because at their jointly owned breeding farm Álfhólar many beautiful foals are born every year and trained to become great riding, sport and breeding horses. They simply called Rósa’s plans completely crazy.

However, Rósa did not let herself be deterred and finally found the, then 2-year-old, Kolka at the breeder of Íkon. In order to acquire the mare, Rósa sold her securities which she had deposited in an Icelandic bank.

This was to be the first stroke of luck in the history of Kolka, because shortly after the purchase the Icelandic bank crisis occurred and the securities would have been worthless – but now, Rósa had this young mare instead. A good investment?

Kolka stayed with her breeders for her upbringing and when she reached the age where her training could begin, Hrefna María was to take Kolka into training. She was absolutely not enthusiastic about it, because she had enough young horses from her own breeding and many training horses of her customers which she had to take care of.

The crazy idea of her mother did not fit into her schedule at all. However, when she saw Kolka for the first time when she was picked up from the breeder and her beautiful exterior and good gaits were obvious, she just asked: “Oh! Is that really my mother’s mare? Okay, I’ll take her!” From now on not a word was said about Rósa’s “crazy” purchase.

Kolka developed excellently in training and this gave rise to ever greater hopes. In May 2011, she was presented at her first breeding show. Rósa and Hrefna María were very nervous, because they wondered of course if the judges would share their enthusiasm about Kolka.

But they did not have to worry: Kolka qualified for Landsmót 2011 with excellent scores of 8.39 for conformation, 8.5 for riding ability and 8.46 overall as the leading 5-year old mare. And the triumphal procession continued …

At the Landsmót, the black queen, as she has been called by everyone in the meantime, extended her lead in the classification of 5-year-old mares even further and won the winner’s cup with an impressive performance and an overall score of 8.51 (RE 8.58)! She was two tenths ahead of the second placed mare!

So the securities invested in Kolka were not only well invested, but also basically the jackpot was won.
A “crazy” idea had turned into the fulfilment of a dream!

Sabine Hornung

Kolka frá Hákoti
born:Island 2006
Íkon frá Hákoti
Töfri frá Kjartansstöðum
Bella frá Kirkjubæ
Frá frá Hákoti
Þorri frá Þúfu
Feykja frá Hala
Performance testing
Confirmation: 8,39
Rideability: 8.50
Total: 8.46
Confirmation: 8.39
Rideability: 8.58
Total: 8.51
Confirmation: 8.51
Rideability: 8.91
Gesamt: 8.75

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