Studmare with marking at the left ear

Before the age of transponders and cold brandings, the horses in iceland were marked on their ears. Similar to sheep, certain markings were cut in the ears.

A few examples of ear markings which were used in Iceland

Some may know that many old import horses have large gaps in their ears. Since this did not look very appealing, they were looking for alternatives.

At the beginning of the 80s, the freezer burns replaced the ear tag. Preferably at inconspicuous places, such as under the saddle or the mane, the horses were burned with liquid nitrogen.

The two chestnuts Bassi and Blossi mentioned in the story “A stallion purchase becomes a thriller” had neither the one nor the other marking. Before their export, only the export number was cut into the coat of the horses.

Today, most horses in Iceland are tagged with a transponder. When exporting from Iceland, an equine passport with a title will be issued.

Icelandic freeze branding from the past
Liquid nitrogen (-273 ° C) is needed for the freeze branding

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